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GTech Sport Antimicrobial Items

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GTech Sport Antimicrobial Items

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Do you want your athlete to be protected from the newest strains of germs and infections that spread in gyms and on athletic equipment?

Do you want to eliminate horrible sport smells that linger in gear and uniforms?

Do you want to protect against the germs and bacteria that can collect on uniforms, equipment, and surfaces that your athletes touch?

Then you need GTech Sport.

GTech Sport provides athletes with a shield of protection, designed to physically inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi!

Most cleaners such as bleach and Lysol® are designed to eliminate the present bacteria but do not protect against incoming bacteria and associated odors. Once the cleaning agent is dry, it is no longer effective. So within one minute, the surfaces are exposed to new bacteria.

By applying GTech Sport Products to your laundry, equipment, shoes, and other surfaces, you provide a long-lasting durable barrier of protection for your athletes. Check out our variety of antimicrobial products to fit your unique athletic protection needs.

See a Few of the Most Frequent Uses

Laundry – Uniforms and sweaty clothes can grow bacteria and smell horribly.  You can put GTech Sport right in your washing machine to prevent the growth of bacteria AND eliminate smells.  Use GTech Sport to keep uniforms and sweaty clothes smelling and looking as fresh as new.

gtech_sport_icon_shoeShoes and equipment – We may neglect regular cleaning of shoes and equipment, which are prone to all kinds of dirt and bacteria, causing them to deteriorate faster. GTech Sport is a simple spray solution that kills bacteria and odor on even your smelliest shoes and toughest equipment, keeping them like new for much longer.

gtech_sport_icon_lockerClosets and lockers – Enclosed spaces, such as lockers and athletic bags are breeding grounds for germs. Germy gym environments can cause sickness that will slow down athletes. GTech Sport will keep your athletes in the game.

gtech_sport_icon_weightsGyms and athletic facilities – Gyms and athletic facilities are high traffic areas that transfer germs quickly from person to person.  Whether you spray down weight-lifting equipment, locker rooms or wrestling mats, GTech protects athletes against the most harmful bacteria and microbes.

gtech_sport_icon_taxiTransportation – From airports, cabs, busses and other means of public transportation you could catch anything, from anywhere. The spread of harmful germs and bacteria are common in these spaces.  GTech Sport comes in a variety of application types from sprays to wipes to fogging to provide people complete germ protection no matter where they travel.

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